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I hereby agree that Fujitsu Technology Solutions may record, store and process my personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or other information that I have freely submitted) and that it may use this information for its own company purposes in order to send product information and offers as well as for marketing purposes or other information events held either by Fujitsu Technology Solutions or via commissioned third parties (especially affiliates of the Fujitsu group, their partners and/or other organizations or contractually commissioned third parties being involved in rendering services etc.)..

My personal data may thus be transferred to the respective third party and/or made accessible to such in other ways. Fujitsu Technology Solutions saves my personal data for specific reasons and shall delete such data if it is not used or becomes obsolete. The data will not be forwarded to other parties not bound by contract and not involved in rendering relevant services; however should this become necessary, we shall obtain your consent beforehand.

I am aware that I may withdraw my consent from Fujitsu Technology Solutions [] without specifying any reasons and that I can ask for the data to be deleted or disabled for future use. **

I wish to be contacted via the following processes 
*Mandatory fields

** Should I withdraw my consent at a later date, I am aware that Fujitsu may no longer use my personal data from that moment onwards. Should this result in any disadvantages for myself, I am not entitled to any legal claims against Fujitsu Technology Solutions


  • Specify your e-mail address, set a checkmark for your statement of consent and data privacy and state how we may contact you in future (e-mail; telephone, post).
  • To avoid any misuse you will then receive an e-mail asking you to confirm the information you have entered. Simply click on the link contained in the e-mail. This "double" confirmation ensured a higher level of security and is required by law ("double opt-in").
  • Once the transferred data has been confirmed, you will ultimately receive a confirmation e-mail, which summarizes everything once more for you, lists the chosen channels of communication and provides you with notes on revocation.

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