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Thank you for being a part of the Fujitsu World Tour 2014. 


Thank you for taking out time to attend Fujitsu World Tour, 2014. With Reshaping ICT- Reshaping Business and Society as the backdrop of the event, the Fujitsu World Tour, 2014, gave an experience of how a Human-centric intelligent society can help you reshape your organization.

Your participation went a long way in the success of the event. Hope you benefited from the expert sessions and the knowledge sharing as much as we had the pleasure of bringing the same to you.

We have captured the important talking points of the event here for you. You can save the presentations by clicking the Download Presentation tab.

We look forward to your participation in Fujitsu World Tour 2015...

Cloud infrastructures

Flexible cloud services help to reduce costs and improve flexibility. They support fast growing and agile businesses on demand. Consistent virtualization of servers, storage and network environments, new server and storage technologies, as well as the overall optimization of energy efficiency, are key factors.

Smart IT sourcing

A wide range of new and diverse delivery models like cloud services and managed services options, plus the right mix of internal and external service resources, open up new ways of focusing IT on core business more effectively. At the Fujitsu World Tour you will discover the sourcing mix which optimally suits your individual needs and gain flexibility and room for innovation.

Innovative workplaces

Mobile and stationary touch devices not only offer potential for more productivity at work, they also provide IT performance to support all kinds of business processes outside the office. Especially the combination of these new devices with cloud services and high-performance mobile networks promises unlimited secure access to enterprise data and processes. Learn more about solutions and services that support ease of use, security and connectivity, along with options for enabling the deployment of both private and business smartphones and tablets in enterprise environments. With mobile solutions from Fujitsu you will gain seamless control over the diverse spectrum of end user devices and drive user satisfaction.

New storage technologies

Annual data growth of up to 60% calls for new concepts and technologies to keep this rising flood of information under control, and data safe and adequately available. The efficient use of flash memory, the complete virtualization of tape or disk storage systems, and revision-proof archiving are important storage matters today. The Fujitsu World Tour will introduce our rich portfolio of world-class storage technology to you.

Big data and HPC

In a dynamic business world strategic and operative decisions must be made with confidence and without delay. This requires the instant availability of business data and analyses at the point of decision – regardless of the amounts of data involved. In-memory computing transcends the limitations of conventional database technology and is the key to processing big data. SAP, the world leader in business software, has revolutionized the market with SAP HANA in-memory computing – and we have created the certified infrastructure platform specifically geared to this advanced solution. It will give your business a competitive edge in taking quick and informed decisions based on reliable facts and analytics even under tough conditions.

Speed is also a vital factor in the technology segment, and the Fujitsu World Tour will thus provide you with an update on High Performance Computing.

Efficient SAP environments

Benefit from advanced applications and software architectures, which are setting new standards in terms of flexibility, efficiency and operation of SAP infrastructures. Flexible infrastructure solutions for productive operation, high-performance servers for leveraging the potential of SAP HANA, and innovative service solutions for SAP operations will be special focal points at the Fujitsu World Tour.

Key Note Sessions

09:00 Registration

10:00 Welcome & Introduction
- Chandan Mehta

10:40 Fujitsu's Technology and Service Vision – Human Centric Intelligent Society
Vision of one of the world's largest ICT providers,
and how it is impacting the very fabric of society.
Andy Stevenson
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11:20 Workplace Anywhere - Increasing enterprise productivity
Working from anywhere, accessing applications and data from any device and availability at all times are significant factors to increase productivity, agility and competitiveness. However, this raises new challenges for CIOs. Ensuring end user satisfaction, business continuity and security in parallel requires new solution and service approaches, as well as BYOD policies covering the usage of non-corporate devices. Reduced budgets make efficient service delivery more important than ever before. Doing more with less and faster is the modern CIO's mantra.
- Gernot Fels

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12:00 From the Lab to Industry: HPC solutions
Discover how Fujitsu engages with leading research and software companies around the world, to rapidly bring the most comprehensive HPC Ecosystems and its Expertise to industry globally.
- Naoya Tamura

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12:45 Lunch / Exhibition

Break Out Sessions

Reshaping your
Reshaping your Datacenter Reshaping your

Fujitsu’s user oriented workplace systems and solutions

Discover the potential and user benefits of the latest client computing devices from Fujitsu

- Arun Isac
- Prashant Vitankar
- Thomas Bretthauer
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Standardization To Automation

Discover the Japanese innovation blended with German engineering to present world-class Datacenter Products & Solution like SAP HANA, Unix to Linux Migration, Resource Orchestration, Plug & Use Virtualized Infra

- Mehul Doshi
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Managed SAP as a Service

Customized Cloud ERP - A reality today and gaining faster adoption in the race to agility in IT supporting agile businesses

- Anil Rao
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If it Computes, it does it BEST on Intel

- Srinivas S Tadigadapa

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- Anand Dev Dhand
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Data Management Strategies for Future-Proof Businesses

The scope of data that is of interest to businesses, has grown substantially in recent past, and is expected to continue to be on the growth path in future. Classical data management strategies have proved themselves to be inadequate to meet the growing information needs of the enterprises, and have given way to modern strategies which are dominated by technologies like in-memory databases, real-time analytics and cloud computing. In this session, we would explore the root cause of growing interest in data and discuss different data management strategies that hold promise to be as scalable as the business ambitions of the modern enterprise.

Abhishek Kumar (Mumbai)
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- Rajender Singh Bhandari

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Application Modernization

In this session Luud will talk about the the way Fujitsu can help organizations investigate the various options available for deriving further benefit from the significant investment already made in their ageing strategic applications. And once the options have been identified how Fujitsu can then work in partnership with its clients to assist them in successfully delivering the most suitable modernization strategy for each application. Achieving an applications portfolio that is fit for the future needs of the business.

- Luud Van Sebillen
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15:15 Break

Explore the potential and unique solutions offered by Fujitsu CELSIUS

Fujitsu's workstation - CELSIUS offers a sophisticated combination of leading-edge processor and graphics performance to increase application efficiency. These high-quality modular products in multiple form factors are configurable for your organization’s precise needs. The presentation will cover the technology behind the latest workstation solutions. CELSIUS - unique features, make and quality, remote workstation solutions, grid computing, future trends and CELSIUS offerings.

- Thomas Bretthauer
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5 Things to consider for your next gen storage landscape

Discover New ETERNUS

- D V Narasimha Rao
- Mehul Doshi
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In Pursuit of the Perfect Plant with SAP MII

The Manufacturing Plant is, very often, a black box to the other corporate functions. Though it is the core function of the company with the most important task : To produce the required products in the right quantity and ensure timely delivery to the customer, to an outsider it appears to absorb enormous resources and generate high costs.
SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) is a unique product which strives to solve this problem by lending visibility and control of the shop-floor processes and a development framework for creating manufacturing applications that integrate with multiple disparate systems.

- Abesh Bhattacharjee
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 16:15 Fujitsu’s Cloud Based Workflow solution - less work, more flow

Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a Workflow Automation Tool which provides a cloud-based platform to build, manage and work around processes and applications inclined to business processes. For years now, it has been one of the key platforms which users worldwide have been happy with, especially erstwhile Lotus Notes Users. Want to escape from Lotus Notes ? RunMyProcess is the perfect fit for all your workflow applications and processes and also one of the most advanced integration platforms with connectors to nearly all the renowned business applications and systems.

- Sanjit Narwekar
- Takuto Komatsuki
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Big Data matters to every organization

Big Data is about huge volumes of data of various types which is collected from various data sources. The promise of analyzing this data in real-time is improved competitiveness, reduced cost and minimized risk by taking better decisions. However, the very thought of Big Data often causes headaches for IT managers, because traditional IT meets its limitations. Are there any affordable solutions at all that help you cope with the high level of complexity and the speed requirements? And how do these solutions look like? Fujitsu will share its view with you.

- Gernot Fels
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Disruptive Innovation and its Impact on Supply Chain

In this session, supply chain management and its evolution is discussed briefly. The globally recognized model of supply chain model as defined by SCOR 11.0 framework of the APICS Supply Chain Council is also discussed briefly. Examples of disruptive innovations of our current times are presented. Cases of organizations that missed to see disruptions in the past are discussed. Two reports of disruptive innovations/ technologies are briefly presented from: (1) McKinsey Global Institute, and (2) Forbes. Impact of each disruptive technology on supply chain management is discussed. A report from Gartner is briefly presented as to how businesses need to be redesigned to embrace these disruptive innovations/ technologies are create a digital business. Finally, the session is closed with putting stress on aligning all three legs of business transformation: people, process and technology.

- Ravindra K. Tulsyan
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17:00 End

* Session titles, Speaker names and Timing might change or will be updated.

 Keynote Sessions Speakers

Andy Stevenson
Territory Leader – Middle East and India, Managing Director for India

Andy Stevenson is based out of Bangalore and previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd (FTEL) and Executive Director, for Hosting, Networks and Security in Fujitsu UK & Ireland. He has been with Fujitsu for over twenty years and has played a leading role in guiding Fujitsu to its position as a key telecommunications products & technology provider and leader in UK & Ireland IT services. He grew up in Zambia and Qatar and also spent his early career with Alcatel in Paris and Stuttgart.

Gernot Fels
Marketing for Innovative IT Infrastructure Topics, Solutions and Services

After his studies of computer science at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany), Gernot Fels has worked in various functions of training and education, consulting, sales, business development and marketing within the Siemens group, Siemens Nixdorf Computers, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Fujitsu. He is looking back to a professional experience of over 30 years in the ICT industry. Currently he is in charge of marketing for innovative IT infrastructure topics, solutions and services.

Naoya Tamura
General Manager, Global HPC

Mr. Naoya Tamura has been General Manager Global HPC of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH in Munich Germany since April 2012. Mr. Tamura served as General Manager Global Technical Computing, Fujitsu Limited from April 2009 to March 2012 in Tokyo. Mr. Tamura served as Chief Executive Officer of Fujitsu Systems Europe from 2003 to 2009 in Toulouse France. He has opened IT research centre in France named FECIT France together with his responsibility of General Manager France of Fujitsu Systems Europe in 1998. He is one of the starting members of Fujitsu Systems Europe for the HPC business of UK, Nordic and France in 1992. Mr. Tamura started his carrier of HPC business in Munich Germany as Technical Director of Fujitsu Deutschland GmbH for the joint business development with Siemens AG and Fujitsu Limited in March 1989. Mr. Tamura joined to Fujitsu Limited in April 1975 after he was awarded Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Waseda University and has spent his entire professional carrier with Fujitsu Limited.

Breakout Sessions Speakers

Abesh Bhattacharjee
Senior Architect

Abesh Bhattacharjee is a Senior Architect at Fujitsu Consulting India and has over 11 years of experience in helping customers bridge the gap between the shop-floor and the top-floor with SAP’s Manufacturing suite of products with multiple SAP implementations under his belt. He is also the author of multiple blogs and whitepapers, a SCN Moderator, SAP Mentor and the co-author of the SAP Press book: Implementing and Configuring SAP MII.

Abhishek Kumar
Lead Architect – BFSI, NetApp

Abhishek is based out of the financial capital of India – Mumbai, and works with the leading banking and financial services institutions in the country to help them design and implement infrastructure solutions for business critical applications. For the most part of his career, Abhishek has spent his time with enterprise infrastructure technologies which extend to both hardware and software realms, and he specializes exclusively on designing architectures for core business applications that demand performance, scalability, availability and manageability from the top end of the spectrum. 

Anil Rao
Head - Business Development Business & Application Services (BAS)

Anil is based out of Mumbai, India. In his current role Anil is responsible for business development for application services. His key focus is to create market through innovative go-to-market solutions such as MSaaS (Managed SAP as a Service) and HANA Platform as a Service. Anil has been with Fujitsu for over 14 years and has he performed both technical and business roles. Prior to joining Fujitsu Anil has worked for IBM, CMS & PHILIPS. Anil has spent more than 10 years in SAP world where he has witnessed the evolution of SAP Applications, SAP platform and the evolutions of IT infrastructure technologies such as virtualization, cloud as well as the latest innovations with SAP In-memory technology and HANA.

Arun Isac
Country Manager, Client Computing Devises (CCD) and Channel

Arun Isac has the responsibility for growing and managing Fujitsu India’s CCD portfolio of Notebooks, Workstations, Desktops, Tablets and peripherals, apart from this he also takes the responsibility of the value channel business for Fujitsu India. Arun has more than 15 years of experience in the IT Industry. He has served in various sales, channel & country product management positions in the industry and worked with Philips and Hewlett Packard (HP) before joining Fujitsu India in 2009. Arun is a post graduate in Business Management from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship.

D V Narasimha Rao
Storage Specialist

D V Narasimha Rao has over 17 years of experience architecting, designing and implementing Enterprise Storage solutions. He has extensive experience on a wide range of technologies from Fujitsu, Netapp, Hitachi, EMC, Symantec Netbackup and Commvault among others. He specializes in consulting & designing Enterprise storage solutions comprising online Storage, Data Protection and DR solutions. In his current role at Fujitsu, DV Narasimha Rao is responsible in helping customers re-architect datacenter to handle the exponential growth in Online and Offline Data Management and Protection.

Luud van Sebillen
Head of Business and Application Services, CEMEA&I region

Luud van Sebillen is Head of Business and Application Services (BAS) for Fujitsu’s Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa & India (CEMEA&I) region.  In this role, he is responsible for new business development and delivery of BAS services. An important focus of Luud’s role is on industrialization of service delivery and business growth through leverage of Fujitsu’s global offerings and delivery capabilities. Luud has twenty-five years of all-round business and IT experience with Xerox, Atos and Fujitsu. At Xerox, Luud was responsible for the application services delivery in a large production plant. At Atos, he was responsible for creation and management of global delivery services for clients such as Procter & Gamble, and then headed up strategy and business development for Atos's BAS business in the Netherlands. Luud joined Fujitsu in 2007 as Head of BAS for CEMEA&I and since then has driven major transformation programs across the region. Most recently he launched BAS for Middle East and India.

Mehul Doshi
Country Head for Datacenter Products & Solution in India

Mehul Doshi is Country Head for Datacenter Products & Solution in India. His professional experience is about 20 years, wherein he had various management roles in organization like Sun Microsystem, Hitachi & Lexmark, most of them on enterprise solution side. Born & brought up in Mumbai, his academics includes engineering and management degree from Mumbai University. Mehul joined Fujitsu in 2009 as has been one the key members for driving DC transformation programs across the country.

Prashant Vitankar
National Solution Architect, Client Computing Devices (CCD) Group

Prashant is based out of Mumbai & holds the responsibility as a Solution Architect for the CCD Product Portfolio. He has been associated with Fujitsu from past 6.4 years & carries good technical & business experience of the Client Computing Products & the New innovative solution offerings around these products. He holds a total experience of 12 years & prior to joining Fujitsu he has worked with Canon & Ingram, responsible for sales & marketing functions.

Rajender Singh Bhandari
Storage Infrastructure Architect, NetApp

Currently working as Storage Infrastructure Architect with NetApp India and is based out of Delhi. I have over two decade of  experience in Service Delivery, Managed Services Project and Program Management, Post-sales support, Data Centre Technologies and Pre-Sales Technical Consulting in IT and telecom organizations. I have worked on various capacities in organization like SmartTrust, Sun Microsystems, Compaq Computers and Digital Equipment in the past. I am a certified Project Management professional and ITIL Expert.

Ravindra K. Tulsyan
Chairman and Chief Mentor of KnoWerX Education (India) Pvt. Ltd

Ravindra Tulsyan, popularly known as Ravi, is a highly effective change leader and ERP/SCM/business process guru. In his career starting 1982, he has had very wide and deep insight of business problems of more than 150 companies, in India and abroad, in all kinds of manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. He is the pioneer of ERP and business process movement in India. Ravi did his B.Sc.Engg.(Hons.)(Mech.) from REC (Now NIT) Rourkela. He completed his M.Tech.(Mech.) from IIT Kanpur and Diploma in Business Finance (DBF) from ICFAI Hyderabad. He is Certified Fellow in Production & Inventory Management (CFPIM), Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), by APICS, USA, and SCOR-P certified by Supply-Chain Council, USA. Prior to starting his business, he worked for Tata Unisys Ltd. (now Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.) for more than six years. He started his own ERP consulting practice in 1989 in the name of Saksham Consultants. Later he formed AAKIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that was SAP channel partner. Now, he is the Chairman and Chief Mentor of KnoWerX Education (India) Pvt. Ltd., an international channel partner of APICS The Association for Operations Management, USA (, the international licensee of American Society of Transportation and Logistics, USA ( and administrative partner of TOC International Certification Organization, USA ( He is one of the founders and played the lead role in forming the Business Process Council. He served as the member of the Voice of Customers Committee of APICS, USA continuously for two years. He has worn many hats; has been an entrepreneur, consultant, implementer, visiting faculty, speaker and writer at many occasions. Many organizations in India as well as abroad had the opportunity to be guided by him and his team to improve their business processes. His book titled "How to Eat the Elephant?" is one of the most acclaimed books on the subject of enterprise systems implementation. He remains a well-known personality in this field that organizations and individuals love to work with.

Sanjit Narwekar
Head of Domain and Solution Services

Sanjit Narwekar is Head of Domain and Solution Services (DSS) for Fujitsu’s Global Development Center in India. In this role, he is responsible for identifying and delivering initiatives, processes and intellectual property assets in new / emerging technology areas or Industry Verticals that improve delivery capabilities and create new business lines. An important focus of Sanjit’s role is on ‘Industry / Domain Knowledge’ to solve business problems leveraging capabilities in emerging areas of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet-of-Things and Mobility. Sanjit has twenty-two years of all-round business and IT experience with Batliboi and Co., Mukand Iron and Steel, Wipro, Nihilient, Zensar and Fujitsu. Sanjit has a rich geographical and multi-cultural exposure and has lived and worked in North America, UK, Europe, Southern Africa, Middle-East and India. In all his roles, Sanjit was responsible for exploring and enabling new service and revenue lines. At Zensar, Sanjit headed the Business Intelligence practice. Sanjit joined Fujitsu in 2010 as Head of the SAP and Business Intelligence practices for Middle East and Europe regions before moving into his current role.

Srinivas Tadigadapa
Director, Enterprise Solutions & Government,
Sales and Marketing Group, Intel South Asia

Srinivas is the Director of Enterprise Solutions and Government for Intel in South Asia. Srinivas manages Intel’s business spanning Enterprise and Government segments as well as Intel’s initiative related to High Performance Computing and Education in the region.  In his current role, Srinivas also leads a number of technology and digital inclusion initiatives that promote the increased usage of technology and internet usage for enhancing competitiveness of enterprises and small and medium businesses. Prior to this Srinivas led Intel’s World Ahead program for the region and he also specialized in policy and implementation of technology for improved access of services to rural consumers.  Srinivas has over 22 years of experience in the field of consulting in governance, manufacturing and the financial services industry in India with domain expertise in the usage of technology in rural India.  Prior to joining Intel, Srinivas worked extensively in consulting, business development and program management at IBM Global Business Services. Srinivas is a post graduate in Industrial Engineering and holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore.

Takuto Komatsuki
Head of Marketing and Business Development at
Fujitsu Global Software Center (GSC) USA.

Takuto Komatsuki is based out of Sunnyvale, California and previously served in the Global Software Center and Global Alliance Division in Japan engaged in corporate alliances. He has been with Fujitsu for over sixteen years and has played a key role in guiding Fujitsu’s alliance strategies and Cloud Offerings. Takuto is currently in charge of marketing and business development of Fujitsu PaaS offerings for Americas and APAC region.

Thomas Bretthauer
Head, Product Management for Workstations

Thomas Bretthauer is Head of Product Management for professional Workstations and responsible for the CELSIUS Workstation portfolio and Workstation strategy. He is looking back at a professional experience of seventeen years and went through various responsibilities. After studying computer science at the TU Munich, he started with Software Engineering, followed by Customizing and Tender Escalation Management as well as Project Management for professional Notebooks and Product Management for Tablet PC computers.

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