Client Computing Devices

You can earn Perkies for every Fujitsu CCD device with Windows 10 Pro bought at participant distributors. The
number of Perkies earned depends on the amount of Perkies, you already earned in the fiscal year.

For promotions some products can be changed into "special" groups, temporarily or permanent.
The concerned product groups will be announced on the Perks & More program website.


For the Built-to-Order (BTO) products only the base unit will be considered for Perkies.

Fujitsu recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.

The Fujitsu-Microsoft alliance makes best possible use of the Windows platform, Microsoft Office 365 System, SharePoint and SQL Server in large-scale enterprise and small-medium based systems where high availability is required, as in Internet and mission-critical applications. Windows 10 Pro is pre-installed by default on all Client Computing Devices - from STYLISTIC Tablets to CELSIUS Rack Servers.

Professional Fujitsu devices combined with the versatile Windows 10 Pro operating system enable enterprise customers to be more productive as well as simplifying their management and deployment.

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