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Fujitsu offers - with its Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware – support services for hardware which cover diagnostics and the elimination of hardware errors via repair or replacement. Depending on the type of IT hardware and corresponding manufacturer warranty Fujitsu offers support services at the customer's site (onsite services) or at a Fujitsu service point (off-site services) with either bring in or collect & return.
Various service level options can be selected for onsite services

Support Pack Hardware is a product-related service contract for a fixed period and with once-only remuneration which supplements the manufacturer warranty.

Fujitsu Support Packs can be purchased within 60 days of the product purchase with a contract term of 1 up to 5 years. Before expiry, the service period can be extended (until the maximal contract term of 5 years) by purchasing a corresponding follow-on Support Pack (Prolongation).

The entitlement of support services requires a Support Pack registration through the end customer within 30 days after purchasing the Support Pack.

Fujitsu recommend you to purchase the SupportPack together with the HW product to ensure the required service level from delivery day.

Check what support pack extensions are available for your device by selecting your system from below.


Warranty Type / Term / AbbreviationDefinition
Next Business Day
Second Business Day
If a remote fix is not possible and a hardware repair is necessary, the customer shall bring the defective device to a qualified service point (service partner or repair center). The repair will be completed at the repair center. Thereafter, the customer will be informed that the device is ready for collection.
The customer places a call to the Fujitsu's help desk. If the malfunction cannot be repaired by the help desk technicians over the phone the customer will be issued with a repair number.
The customer will get a notice from the logistic provider in order to agree pickup time and address. The defective unit will be collected from the given customers address. After completion of the repair in a Fujitsu repair-center the product will be returned to the customer's premises
If a remote fix is not possible and a hardware repair is necessary, the defective product will be replaced by an equivalent. The defective unit will be picked up from the customer’s address and a new one delivered.
The Door to Door – doorstep delivery can be upgraded to a Desk-to-Desk service if desired, meaning the replacement unit is delivered directly to the user’s desk.
The reported fault will be analysed by Fujitsu by means of telephone support or remote access. At Fujitsu`s discretion a service engineer will be scheduled for further on-site diagnosis and solution as necessary to resolve the diagnosed problem. In case of a hardware failure, the operational readiness will be restored by replacing or repairing the defective part at the installation location.
On-site service is not applicable on islands without bridge connection. See further local Terms.
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