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Event overview

The majority of the 12,000 attendees of the Fujitsu Forum 2012 plans to return in 2013. This proves the attractiveness and relevance of the Fujitsu Forum to the IT-world – it ranks among the top IT events worldwide.

The motto this year, "Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business and Society", clearly highlights the key theme that is addressed by all aspects of the event: How to combine business processes and IT to form a stable basis that will ensure growth and success in the future.

Impressive KeynotesKeynotes – strategic perspectives: What will be the direction of future IT developments? Which technologies will be on the CIO agenda? What strategic factors will be of importance to decision-makers? Fujitsu’s top managers as well as industry and opinion leaders will address these questions in terms of IT and overarching issues that are of global significance in business today and tomorrow.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

The Breakout Session program at Fujitsu Forum 2013 consists of 52 presentations. The presentations are grouped in three conference tracks. The three tracks cover the actions involved on the road to a human centric intelligent society:

Create innovation through people
Power Business and Society with information
Optimize ICT systems from end to end

Track 1The first conference track Create innovation through people looks at the integration of cloud service which meets customer requirements in a flexible manner. The second element is the value creation potential resulting from mobile technologies which enable innovative IT models in combination with the cloud.

Track 2The second conference track Power business and society with information looks at cloud and on-premise solutions which our customers use in order to generate knowledge from big data which in turn creates more transparency and values. An additional element covers comprehensive industry solutions as well as information security and data protection.

Track 3The third conference track Optimize ICT systems from End to End illustrates the options involved in reducing operational and maintenance costs by optimization and outsourcing, as well as by moving priorities towards data center and workplace innovation. We look at strategic drivers of workplace IT and computer systems that are tailor-made for specific business requirements as well as at intelligent software products which optimize computer and network resources.

ExhibitionExhibition – 3,500 square meters of innovations: Take a close look at our systems, solutions and services. The exhibition will present more than 250 highlights from the portfolio offered by Fujitsu and its partners.

Expert TalksExpert Talks – specialist know-how transfer: Information and discussions in small groups that focus on specific IT topics of interest to participants. Details and schedules will be announced well in advance of the event so that you can plan your agenda in time.

Evening EventEvening Event – excellent entertainment and networking opportunity:
In the evening of November 6 you will celebrate a very special “Oktoberfest” in Munich. The Fujitsu tent is located in Hall C1 in the ICM. There will be a great festival atmosphere and a program that is full of surprises.


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