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Virtualization solutions from a single source

Getting there faster

There are many reasons to adopt a different approach to IT projects in data centers. Among 

the more important: to consolidate environments, increase the availability of applications, 

increase the mobility of enterprise IT, and improve responsiveness to disasters. Equally 

important are reducing hardware costs, simplifying maintenance and, of course, saving 

energy. IT managers also expect a successful virtualization strategy to save time and 

resources, because it increases operational transparency, and enables IT departments to 

push ahead with innovative projects, like switching over to the cloud. How can all this be 

achieved as quickly and successfully as possible, so that companies can take advantage 

of the improvements and benefits? The solution that does it all: vShape.

Complete and validated reference architectures

Fujitsu vShape is unique in bringing complete and validated virtual IT infrastructures to 

SMEs and LEs, all supported under a single maintainance contract provided by Fujitsu. 

■ A flexible, open and scalable complete solution 

■ Versatile and compatible with a broad range of IT applications

■ Delivery of all components including support from a single source – 

exclusively from Fujitsu


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